National Contradictions Tinubu Must Resolve In 2024 By Michael Owhoko, Ph.D


that is supposed to be the substratum of research and development.  Unqualified students are admitted into federal unity schools and universities while brilliant ones are unable to secure placements.  In some cases, appointment of professors and award of PhD degrees are based on quota system, leading to production of quota scholars lacking capacity for research and discovery.  What an irony for a country that is striving to compete in global affairs!

Quota system is a recipe for failure and poor performance. It is not applicable in the private sector because of these gaps.  This may have also informed why the powers that be have deliberately refused to introduce the system in the selection of players for the national team, the Super Eagles.  They know that if the obnoxious quota is applied, the performance of the Super Eagles will be outright tragedy for the country.

Another national contradiction is political location of industries.  Oil and gas companies involved in exploration of crude oil in the Niger Delta should be compelled to relocate their administrative headquarters to areas where they have a minimum of 70 percent of their operations.  This will not only accelerate development of the region, but will help in resolvingcurrent poverty and frustration, resulting from negligence and degradation in the region.  The Nigeria LNG Limited which moved its administrative headquarters from Lagos to Bonny Island, Rivers State, where its operational base is located, is enjoying support from its host communities.  The company should be commended and emulated.

Therefore, to reset, reshape and reposition Nigeria for stronger brand identity aimed at maximizing its full potentials to achievenational progress, regional influence and global respect,President Bola Tinubu must address and nip these national contradictions in the bud by next year, 2024.

Dr. Mike Owhoko, Lagos-based journalist and author, can be reached at