Must Have Been Imagination Of Nigerians – Buhari On Cabals Hijacking His Govt


Former President Muhammadu Buhari has dismissed claims that his administration was hijacked by cabals.

Buhari said the claim from Nigerians that cabals hijacked his administration while in office was a figment of their imagination.

He spoke during his latest interview on Nigeria Television Authority, NTA.

Asked about his government being hijacked by cabals or if it was the imagination of Nigerians, Buhari replied, “It must have been their imagination.”

The former president also disclosed that he has been preoccupied with local problems.

“I am so preoccupied with the local problems that I hardly think about the external problems,” he said.

While in office, there were claims of some cabals in the Presidency making critical decisions for Buhari.

These cabals were said to have been headed by some of his close relatives and a very close former aide.

In 2017, former First Lady, Aisha Buhari had described the cabals in the Presidency as Hyenas and Jackals trying to sabotage her husband’s administration.