Obasanjo Disowns ‘Wife’ Who Apologised To Obas, Says He Stands By His Action


Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has denied Madam Taiwo Martins, who apologised on his behalf for commanding some monarchs in Oyo State to stand up for Governor Seyi Makinde.

Obasanjo had, while issuing the command to the monarchs at a public event, noted that a governor is more powerful than any king.

Following the development, Madam Taiwo Martins, who claimed to be Obasanjo’s wife, issued an apology on behalf of the former President.

However, reacting to the apology, Obasanjo disowned the woman and insisted that he stands by his comments.

In a statement by his media aide, Kehinde Akinyemi, on Monday, Obasanjo expresed annoyance that “one Ms. Taiwo Martins” has authored a statement, appealing to Obas and Yorubas to forgive him as her husband.

While conceding that the he and the woman gave birth to two children, Obasanjo stressed that she is not his wife, neither is she a member of his family.

“For the records, Ms. Martins has two children, Jonwo and Bunmi, for Chief Obasanjo but to say emphatically she is not his wife nor a member of the Obasanjo family.

“Her posturing as Chief Obasanjo’s wife is false and that of an impostor. Nobody makes statement on behalf of the Obasanjo family except Chief Obasanjo or people delegated by him to do so.

“The state of health of Ms. Martins is known to all and sundry and whatever she says or does has nothing to do with Chief Obasanjo as an individual or the Obasanjo family as a whole,” the statement said.

The statement added that Obasanjo has affirmed that “he stood firmly, unapologetically and uncompromisingly on the position that the Governor of a State holds the highest office in the State”.

“By that position, the respect, protocol and dignity that must be given to the Office by virtue of the Constitution must not be denied. To do otherwise is to deride the Office and the Constitution,” the statement added.

Obasanjo incurred the wrath of many Yoruba people when he ordered the Oyo monarchs to stand up for the governor.