No Champions League Games To Be Played Outside Europe, UEFA President Says


UEFA president Aleksander Cerefin has dismissed rumours the governing body could take European Champions League games out of Europe.

Media reports emerged this week suggesting UEFA’s executive committee were exploring options to stage marquee group stage encounters in neutral territory, such as the U.S., China and the Middle East.

These proposals would come on the back of a dramatic revamp of the competition from 2024 onwards, which would see the group stage replaced by a league format.

But plans to take matches further afield are hokum, according to Cerefin, who waved away such suggestions when asked during a press conference on Wednesday.

“With all due respect to the media, it is impossible to imagine what kind of news can get out there,” he stated. “We never discussed this.

“But suddenly we can read in certain media that this will happen, although this was never mentioned. Go and ask UEFA directly.

“I would be in the know if there were any discussions about playing Champions League games outside Europe, and I do not know anything about it.”

Real Madrid are the defending UEFA Champions League title-holders after edging Liverpool 1-0 at the end of last season.(dpa/NAN)