Sylva Commiserates With The Igali Family Over Passing Of Matriach.


Honourable Minister of State For Petroleum Resources, H.E Timipre Sylva commiserates with the Ambassador Godknows Igali family over the passing of their matriarch, Ma Fanny Igali.

Until her passing at 84, she was a professional  and celebrated caterer who was the Catering Officer, Government  House, Old Rivers State,  educationist and community organiser who’s acts of humanitarian service has in no mean feat improved the health of our nation’s morality.

Her teachings and support helped empower a generation of women into self-sufficiency and excellence.

‘Alanyingi and I are with the Igali family over Mama’s passing, we will be with them in prayers and in thoughts and we will do our very best in ensuring the family scales through this challenging time’

‘While the family carries the heaviest burden now, mama was also a state asset, to Bayelsa and to Nigeria’

‘Her legacies are enduring and will forever set a standard for subsequent generations to emulate’

‘I sympathise with my friend and brother, His Excellency Ambassador Godknows Boladei Igali, the chief mourner, a proper intellectual who is the summation of the class and quality mama was’

‘We wish mama perfect rest and we wish the Igali family the fortitude to bear this  loss’

H.E Sylva stated in a signed letter of condolence.


Special Assistant on Media and Public Affairs to H.E Timipre Sylva, Honourable Minister of State, Petroleum.