Let’s Sheath The Sword

Dear Fidelis Soriwei,  your piece is a very good and fitting piece about Gov Henry Seriake Dickson (HSD). In history, everyman will have his place. That is why some of us still try to defend HSD in certain areas where he is misrepresented, even unsolicitedly. Permit me to go to town and I will post this on my wall.
I however find it totally unacceptable and  very distasteful that some of the Bayelsa Government House (BYGH) media men and political class continue to deride the personality of the new leader of the Ijaw nation, David Lyon (DL) without remembering that no matter how painful defeat is, power comes from GOD only. The truth is that like many great men in history and the Holy Bible, God has announced and anointed DL and I am confident that he will spring great surprises in outstanding performance. Remember, the race of life is never for the swift. That is why, today, Dep Gov Adm Jonah, Amb Igali, Timi Alaibe, Sen Ben Bruce, Sen Paulker, Chief Ikoli, SAN, Arc Okoya, etc are not governors. God has picked the humble DL,  and let’s respect his person,; simpliciter!
Worsestil, some from your team continue to scandalize the entire people of the state, especially from such places as Nembe and Southern Ijaw as murderers. This is so disingenuous as the ante of Bayelsa as a flash points continues to rise globally. What happened in Nembe is unacceptable and must be fully and transparently investigated. If the claim is that people died both ways, then the investigation must expose who did what. But to use that sad event to continue to paint all our peaceful, God fearing and hardworking people as violent in a country where killers have taken over entire territories is wrong. We are peaceful people.
Others continue to threaten hell fire and brimestone against an election that has ended and gone. There might have been slight errors here and there and not limited to any part or any party. But the outcome reflected the reality on the ground. There is a day for praise singing but there must be a day for telling ourselves the truth. If people in BYGH did not appreciate the mood even within the political class who betrayed HSD and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) after collecting huge sums or on the streets of Yenagoa then something is wrong. Also tell your team to reflect deeply on the Ijaw saying “bra asaraboke okosi”.
Till now, there is no public acceptance of defeat as true “Ijaw brothers”. The attitude should not be fight to finish in a contest between brothers. “Ma binaotu andadeise, ongbo yainkumo” – when two brothers wrestle you don’t break bones. The plenty sums being set aside for court battles will after all go to SANs from South West and South East! Today Former President Goodluck Ebere Jonathan (GEJ) has his place in the pantheon of the greatest in the world because of his simple act of civility.
Since after the election, I have been speaking with our leaders both ways to know that we must collectively work towards greater appreciation of our leaders at different levels, both serving and incoming. Let’s counsel my friend, the Governor and the entire PDP team to change their language, and attitude towards the emergence of DL and I am sure, the other side will also sheath the sword of unfair diatribe against HSD and his legacy!
Unfortunately, not many elders like to give counsel and prefer to complain at the back. But, Fidelis, excuse my
ever ready disposition to take a dispassionate position on issues.
Dr. Godknows Igali Is a retired Federal Permanent Secretary, Diplomat and was a gubernatorial aspirant in PDP in Bayelsa State