Fire Breaks Out At Nigerian Revenue Headquarters


There has been a fire incident at the headquarters of the Federal Inland Revenue Service in Abuja on Monday according to officials.

Wahab Gbadamosi, a spokesperson for the revenue office, stated that a “small fire outbreak by the store near the FIRS canteen, by Annex 1”.

“Firemen who put out the fire are investigating the source of the fire,” he added.

He further stated that additional questions seeking clarification about whether or not crucial or sensitive material were affected would be answered later.

The inferno gutted a store attached to a canteen used by the agency’s staff members at the headquarters’ annex.

The head of the of fire service in Abuja, Julius Opetunsin, did not immediately return calls seeking comments Monday morning.

Footage seen on social media showed firemen standing atop a fire truck and pouring water as thick smoke billowed from a patch of the building.