PMB Playing God, Promoting Shi’ites To Boko Haram



Vengeance belongs to God and He will surely revenge. 🐓

Smoking danger looms that the mishandling of the Shi’ite Islamic sect crisis is recipe to provoke vengeance and retaliation on general society the way Boko Haram graduated from hired area boys for armed battle by politicians to deal with political opponents.

After ascending power, Bornu governor Moddibo Sheriff dumped the Yandaba area boys without retrieving guns, ammunition.

The refusal of the governor to continue to fund the Yandaba turned the miscreants loose on general society forcing governor to start paying N10m monthly protection fee for peace to reign.

On Moddibo exit, the next governor declined further payment of the blackmail fund.

Yandaba returned to civil society, Police could not cope with violence, resorted to indiscriminate extrajudicial killings of Yandaba who retaliated with killing policemen and burning police stations.

The Police declared Yussuf, Bolo Haram leader wanted but the invited military captured him, delivered him to Police for prosecution but Police killed Yussuf unlawfully, provoking the current widespread of BH terrorism, sophistication demobilising of military formation with ease in urban Maiduguri.

ElZakzaki sect said last year PMB regime may provoke them to acquire weapons and that the military cannot stop them.

Are we waiting for the Shi’ites to graduate to BH when the release of their leader under strict house arrest pending court determination of suit against him guarantees peace?
Why is PMB detaining elZakizaki and Dasuki when no criminality is confirmed against them by law, court?

Dasuki is held indefinitely in captivity for years by PMB for alleged corruption charges for which many coaccused have been granted bail.

ElZakizaki believed to be a troublesome Islamic cleric was detained many years ago for provoking a public demonstration that disrupted the convoy of a military chief in Kaduna.
Different courts in the land have granted bail to Dasuki and ElZakizaki but PMB federal government has refused bluntly to obey judicial orders, preferring to slap the rule of law as typical of PMB vicious dictatorship during his short-lived jackboot military junta.

This selective witchhunt in detention has confirmed the negative ungodly nature of Buhari’s zero tolerance for forgiveness, a grievous sin in Islam, Christianity and against global norms.

Asuelimen writes via