Ten Tech Gadgets That Could Revolutionise The World


Are you one of the tech geeks who love to explore new technologies?

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Do you love to know about the latest technologies and happenings in the tech world?

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Yeah, I know I have asked too many questions. Because being a tech-enthusiast, I get really excited when I am talking about tech. So bear with my excitement because this excitement is going to help you know about futuristic gadgets and technologies.

Back to the questions, if the answer to all the above questions is YES, then you are in the right place. If the answer is no, then still this article is going to help you. You might be thinking, how? To know the answer, keep reading.

It is 2019 and tech is growing at a rapid pace. Tech giants and tech companies are not throwing fancy products and gadgets to the market just to leave you to keep wondering about the power of the human brain. Technology has an immense capacity to solve our micro and major problems and bring change in the world.

Many companies are working to utilize this power of tech to change our lives in the future. In this article, we are going to discuss 10 upcoming gadgets that would revolutionize the world.

Note: Some of the included gadgets may hit the market very soon and some are in the design phase. Some of the gadgets are already in the market but with upcoming advanced features, they can assist us in countless ways.

  1. Smart Glasses

Smart Glasses is not a new concept at all. Google is the pioneer for using Augmented Reality to use the human eye as an input device and take communication to the next level. Google launched Google Glass back in 2013 and created a buzz in a tech world.

But Google Glass did not get expected results. Many experts believe that the failure of Google Glass has nothing to do with the technology used by but it is related to marketing because Google failed to convince that why one should buy Google Glass or what problems Google glass has addressed.

Many other companies are making smart glasses for many years and working to improve the user experience. In the future, users will get smart glasses due to the purpose of glasses. The most important factors in this regard are the weight and comfort level of the glasses. Another important factor is the ability of smart glasses to process and spread digital information effectively.

Like any other wearable technologies, smart glasses are used in environments such as healthcare, construction, and logistics where professionals need to perform critical hand-free operations and process the information at the same time.

Tech companies are majorly focusing to come up with lightweight and easily wearable smart glasses for daily use. We are expecting that next generations of smart glasses will come with Wifi,3D graphics and enhanced video processing. Apple is also working on smart glasses and technologists have high hopes with them.

  1. Parallella

Parallella is the future of the computer industry and it is going to revolutionize the way computers are built and operated. Parallella is the project of Adapteva and the company is open for funds to make parallel computing easy and available to everyone. In non-technical terms and simple words, Parallella is the mission of building a supercomputer for everyone. Parallella is an open and high-performance platform aimed for reducing gaps in parallel computing.

Parallella is an energy-efficient device that is designed for processing complex and heavy software at the same time and in an efficient way. Parallella is going to enhance real-time object tracking, speech recognition and holographic heads-up display.

The project is in the funding phase and the company aims to provide a mini supercomputer in a really promising price i.e. just $99. The mini supercomputer is not for everyone though, programmers and Linux users can get maximum out of it. But it comes with a kit having development software to create different projects.

  1. Senstone

Senstone is an interesting wearable device to stay connected all the time and do most of the things using a single device.  Senstone is in the design phase and its prototype is quite promising. The concept behind Senstone is that you can record your voice throughout the day using a single device whenever you want to. The Senstone will hit the market in the form of a pendant. For recording your voice at any time of the day, all you just need is to tap a button.

Senstone is pretty convenient as it is just like hiring an assistant to accompany you 24/7. You can take notes whenever you want to, you can set reminders for important tasks and events of your daily life. It will just remind you when you need to buy a gift for your friend or attend an important meeting with your boss or you just need to do grocery.

Senstone uses AI to figure out the context of your speech and understands what you are trying to say. It appends location as well and allows you to add hashtags to your different writings and notes for sorting easily in the future.

Many critics of Senstone come up with a point that why we need a separate device to record notes when we have smartphones. But Senstone is handy where smartphones cannot be used or simply not allowed.

  1. Smart refrigerators

Smart refrigerators are not a thing of the future because many companies like Samsung and Phillips are selling smart refrigerators already. But we are expecting advanced and integrated technologies in upcoming smart refrigerators. We all use screens in kitchens while cooking or chopping the veggies. Smart refrigerators have incorporated screens so that we can check recipes, daily calendars and many other necessary details.

The important expected feature is the integration of voice assistant such as Alexa in upcoming smart refrigerators and it can be really helpful in the kitchen. You can control your home while sitting in the kitchen because we spend a big chunk of our time in the kitchen for eating and cooking our meals. With smart refrigerators, you can learn new recipes, set measurement conventions and timers for different processes. The companies are also working to improve the touch screen of smartphones.

In the future, your smart refrigerator would analyze ingredients present in it and would recommend recipes on the basis of ingredients. It will also keep reminding buy different grocery items to save your time.

  1. Smartphones with 5G

I don’t see any cellular company that is not talking about bringing 5G smartphones. All players in the smartphone industry such as smartphone companies, telecommunication companies and chipmakers are coming up with their latest technologies to provide users 5G wireless networks.

Everyone wants faster internet speed and 5G promises it with lower latency. You can download data at a faster speed and use the latest technologies such as IOT and autonomous cars in a better way. Till the date, 5G’s rollout is limited but many smartphone companies are claiming that their 5G devices will hit the market this year. Some smartphone firms have released 5G phones and these are


  • Huawei Mate X
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 5G
  • Xiaomi Mi MIX 3
  • LG V50 ThinQ
  • ZTE Axon 10 Pro 5G


  1. The Cinemood Portable Movie Theatre

The Cinemood is an extremely portable projector that can easily fit in your palm. With this portable movie theater, you can have entertainment anywhere. You can take it with you on international trips, in your children’s rooms or outside the house for enjoying movie nights.

According to an estimate, it weighs less than half a pound and comes with Netflix Streaming, Disney short movies and YouTube videos. Cinemood is taking entertainment to the next level with its 32 GB internal storage and pre-loaded content. You can download additional content over Wi-Fi and store it locally. You can get maximum out of it using Wi-Fi because you can stream content directly over Wi-Fi-either content is stored locally or from YouTube and Netflix.

The Cinemood comes with pre-installed simple games like puppet show and you can purchase downloadable content from the store. The projector uses Android transfer protocols so MAC users have to download an additional Android File Utility to use it.

  1. Smartphones with Advanced Sensors and Intelligent Screens

With the evolution of technologies such as VR, AR and AI, smartphones are getting smarter and intelligent day by day. We already have smartphones identifying users with fingerprint and iris scanners but in future, smartphones would unlock recognizing your voice tone, typing and scrolling patterns. It will be nearly impossible for anyone else to use your phone.

Smartphones will offer more customization on the home screen and even within apps in the coming years using Artificial Intelligence. The biggest and the most wanted feature is getting rid of dead batteries. We may have higher batteries that last longer and get charged quickly. Another possible direction is the use of Wi-Fi charging that is automatic charging of your smartphone when you put it down.

Flexible screens are a thing of the future. In 2019, we have folded smartphones but we are expecting smartphones with screens we can bent, curve, scrunch and contract in all possible ways to satisfy the user’s desire to use a smartphone irrespective of what they are doing at a time.

  1. Pet Robots

Robots are not only going to replace some human jobs in the future but quite possible that they may replace your pets as well. In facts, there are tiny robots just looking like pets and roaming around your house. Pet robots are not only cute but intelligent enough to recognize your face and names as well. The pet robots are programmed so intelligently that they can react when you touch them or pat their backs.

In the future, pet robots are not only going to add life to your house through their cute gestures and activities but they would help you in your household chores. Yes, you are reading right. The futuristic dog robots are going to deliver things for you. In fact, the purpose of these autonomous robots is delivering products door to door and improve urban mobility and local logistics. These futuristic autonomous robots can carry the weight of up to 10 kg and they will provide items to the desired location irrespective of any hurdles such as stairs.

  1. Smart Air Purification Units

Air pollution is one of the biggest challenges we are facing on the planet. Air pollution has been increasing threats to many skin and chronic diseases. In a world, where we are obsessed with tech, there is no guarantee of pure air. So here, the smart air purification units come in handy.

The concept of air purification units is not a novel one. In fact, you can find many air purification units on Amazon. But, in coming 5 to 10 years, we will see huge advancements and growth in smart air purifiers industry.

With smart air purifiers, you can clean the air of your homes and offices. Smart Air purifiers are using sensors for temperature, humidity and air quality. Along with sensors, different purifiers are using small fans for expelling air.

  1. The Smartphone Bicycle

We live in a world where we spend our most of times on screen so fitness is a major area of concern in the digital era. Tech companies are working to come up with smartphone bicycles. Visiobike is a reflection of this concept and is a project from Croatia. Visiobike is basically an electronic bike that works perfectly with your smartphone.

Visiobike has slim, beautiful and above all a safe design which allows you to have fun and meet your fitness goals without any hurdles. It is a silent bike that comes with different features such as Google Maps integration, automatic lights, GPS, pin lock and accident recording.

To enrich your riding experience, the bike has a mobile application. The application shows a speedometer, odometer, pedal assist level selector and the lock button. With GPS, tracking your bike in real time is not a big deal anymore. The bike has many security features to save your life in case of accidents and any mishap.

In the coming years, companies are all set to introduce and launch revolutionary gadgets using a mix of the latest technologies. Do not only expect amazing and revolutionary gadgets only because you are going to witness a lot of improvements and advancements in present technologies such as face recognition, edge computing, chatbots and automation. In the coming years, we will have hundreds of smart gadgets to manage our homes.

Sooner or later, either someone like it or not these gadgets are going to be a part of our future.

Which gadget you are going to buy when launched? Are you ready to welcome all these promising gadgets?