IMF Poison Again By Soni Asuelimen


International Monetary Fund, IMF, poison drug merchant to dumb failing regimes in mumu global nations, hawk pill to PMB again.

IMF begs Lifeless regime to cut fuel subsidies. But FG says it won’t remove fuel subsidy.
This kind of deceit denials have characterized government in 35 years. Just wait a few weeks and you see fuel queues arising from scarcity elongate until the people surrender to blackmail and beg government hike petrol price. That’s the usual blackmail

IMF begged PMB in 2015 to hike fuel prices 100%, devalue Naira from N120 to N500 to one $1. Thereafter, economic recession, depression crawled in.

Today, Nigeria is worse in jobs creation, with Bureau of National Statistics, saying few weeks ago PMB had increased the unemployed to 23 million out of about 196 million population, a sad report that should provoke a vote of no confidence from Parliament, street demonstration.

But the youths who ought to take the battle gauntlet play on streets on polls day, do Yahoo daily, join cult vulture camps, eventually get tired, expired and turn to criminals.
Why do we send fourth-rated 11 members team to negotiations of economic expertise involving knowledge experts and with heavenly wisdom?

You can’t vote fools as choice because of tribe and religion and complain later to God for His freedom given you to pick your choice: wisely or foolishly.

CBN has depleted foreign reserves borrowing to shore up life of a strong Naira rendered lifeless by comatose rulers. Yet no solution.

World Bank, IMF, and other global financial institutions have warned repeatedly that Nigeria is cascading into a shithole of debt overload with physical, visible results.

All IMF inspired ideas which past rulers dodged because of potential socioeconomic instabilities provoked are today swallowed by the biggest uninformed, incompetent regime ever, borrowing at midst of good local earnings and yet with little or nothing to show off in infrastructure.

Propaganda fills the air by a regime party that claimed to win a presidential poll but still behaves as if it is still in opposition. Which means they are unsure of the soundness of their victory. May 2019 is heaven judgement day for poll thieves.

PMB and VP refreshing abroad when nation is on the boil for second civil war shows that the poll result is beginning of Heaven judgement, except God has abandoned his elect.
Book of life says curse is continually in the house of a thief. A thief can run but cannot hide from Heavenly Glory.

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