Zamfara Bloody Gold Mine Wars By Soni ASUELIMEN


Zamfara bloody gold miners wars of ex generals Vs politicians. 5,000 killed in 5 yrs. FG suddenly woke up to ban illegal mining in the North, a crime ignored for several decades because of the privileged persons involved.

FG ignores illegal Mining in North, not in ND. Yet, only FG is permitted under the nation’s Constitution exclusive legislative list to mine solid and liquid minerals.

Why are small crude oil refiners on their own ND soil bombed, killed but governments ignore ex generals, military heads of states, are in brewing wars of exploits of gold, both using Lebanese, Indians, now joined by Chinese, using locals to mine the gold mines, exclusive property of FG, no one, state government, local government paying tax or royalties to feed the Federation Account for monthly sharing to all three tiers of government as with oil. One nation, two laws.

Yet, a standing Army remains in Niger Delta since Abdulsalami sent military to stop local militants from disrupting crude oil production and export because foreign oil firms refused to negotiate price or rent on their ancestral land and the military governments used soldiers to intimidate rightful land owners, holding the national cow for foreigners to milk for token bribes, turning back citizens paid to protect. Sabotage.

23 years after military presence in Niger Delta, no enduring peace because soldiers are trained for war, not peace. The military boys have nearly fully taken over the crude oil theft in ND. The new feasting vultures will not allow ND crisis to end. Ditto boko haram.
Sadly, our rulers, even in Agbada, babaringa overalls with military uniform underneath, behave same. No solution.

It’s tragic the North is just experiencing the government tragedy unresolved in ND for decades.

Politicians and retired military generals and former HOS are fuelling Zamfara free for all gold mines wars, same mineral wars that destroyed Liberia, Sierra Leone, and many other African countries.

The Zamfara gold mines wars have spread to Kaduna, states linking Abuja federal capital. This prompted, for the first time, to cut short his foreign jamboree April 10 as the military appears to have no control over the widespread war in which cattle rustlers, armed robbers, kidnappers, bandits are hired in the supremacy warfare.

The Army Arrangements Constitution brewed for Nigeria by rogue military must be amended to reduce drastically the stranglehold of Federal Exclusive Legislative List so that state government can legislate on mining matters and profits shared to Federation Account. This is the essence of the desired restructuring of the Federation, essentially deleting overbearing stranglehold of FG, turning states and local government to servants and beggers in a joint patrimony.

This FG robs the nation of job openings in states and LGA. Imagine the 13 bitumen belt states spanning west, south, east remain idle unmined, yet we spend billions of dollars to import bitumen, another variant of crude from which diesel, low pour fuel oil, are extracted.

ASUELIMEN writes via