Remarks By President Muhammadu Buhari At APC 2019 Presidential Campaign Council Inaugural Meeting At The Presidential Campaign Office, 10th January 2019


It is my pleasure to welcome all of you members of the APC Presidential Campaign Council to this inaugural meeting. Our main objective is to serve as the forum for collective decision-making to enhance the effectiveness of the campaign effort. Let me begin by expressing my gratitude to our members once again for entrusting me with the responsibility of leading our campaign for a second time.

2. I would like to appeal to you to dedicate and commit yourself once again to the task at hand. There is no doubt that victory is with us: it is ours, but that shouldn’t mean we should rest even for a moment.

3. Even though we are confident of winning, I urge you to work as hard as you can so that we can maximise the scale and extent of our victory. I urge you to rise to the challenge of the great expectations this party and Nigerians have for you and the confidence that I personally have in the ability of all of you to deliver.

4. Needless to add, your selection was not easy, because in forming this council, the party settled only for the best. You are the cream of the party and I assure you that with unity of purpose and effective harmony and communication, there is no political opponent you cannot overcome.

5. I wish us the best of luck in this campaign.

6. Our agenda for this meeting, is to consider and approve the structure and operational modalities of the Presidential Campaign Council – the terms of reference of your various directorates and organogram that will determine how you will relate with each other and how you will eventually discharge your responsibilities in the campaign

7. I trust this will ensure a smooth campaign and a resounding victory for our party and its candidates. I therefore urge you to carefully read the documents and make observations designed to improve our performance.

8. The document containing the proposal on the structure and operational modalities of the council and its directorates for the 2019 election is hereby presented for your consideration and approval.

Thank you very much.