Kidnapped Schoolchildren Freed In Cameroon


The 79 kidnapped children kidnapped from their boarding school in western Cameroon have now been freed, officials say.

They are being questioned by the authorities who say they will shortly be reunited with their parents.

The students were kidnapped on Sunday night in the region’s main city, Bamenda, along with the principal, school’s the driver, and a teacher.

It is still unclear who is behind the kidnapping but the government and English-speaking separatists have been blaming each other.

According to the Presbyterian Church of Cameroon, the children were abandoned in one of their buildings in the town of Bafut, about 24 km (15 miles) from Bamenda.

The students were abducted from the Presbyterian Secondary School in Bamenda by gunmen.

The church has revealed that this was the second kidnapping from the school in less than a week. On 31 October 11 boys were taken and then released. It’s also unclear who carried out that first kidnapping.